CreativeTones Terms & Conditions

website development & maintenance

We love to build great websites but CreativeTones knows all to well that website maintenance is an ongoing process. CreativeTones regularly allocates time and resources to ensure your website remains secure, up to date, and user-friendly and sustains an overall health and performance once on the CreativeTones Maintenance plan.

regular content updates

CreativeTones recommends to keep your website fresh and engaging by regularly updating the content. Add new blog posts, articles, or product/service information will provide value to your visitors. Remove outdated or irrelevant content to maintain a professional image. CreativeTones, as part of our website maintenance program, do minor edit of one photo addition/change and/or one simple content edit per month (max 12 times per year) and after this time these edits fall outside of our website maintenance.

CreativeTones will give client priority on any additional site edits outside of standard website maintenance scope (for which a separate quote can be provided on request).


CreativeTones can provide a monthly report to you on a variety of activity on your website. Please reach out if you would like.

software updates

CreativeTones will ensure that your website’s software, including content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, plugins, themes, and scripts, are up to date. These updates often include security patches, bug fixes, and new features that improve performance and protect against vulnerabilities.*

backup and recovery

CreativeTones will implement a regular backup system to protect your website’s data. Backups can be done regularly. CreativeTones will store the backups securely offsite via cloud-based backup services and test the restoration process periodically to ensure your backups are functional. These backups will be stored with CreativeTones whilst under maintenance program. After this time backups will be deleted. If recovery of website is required CreativeTones will implement backup restoration for a minimal fee of $125.00.

security monitoring

CreativeTones will protect your website from cyber threats by monitoring security vulnerabilities, install up-to-date security plugins or services to scan for malware, monitor login attempts, and enforce strong passwords. Regularly review security logs and take appropriate actions to address any suspicious activities.

performance optimisation

CreativeTones will optimise your website for fast loading times and smooth user experience. Regularly check page load speeds, optimise images and videos, minify code, and utilise caching techniques. Monitor website performance via them performance tools.

broken links and error handling

Regularly scan your website for broken links and fix them promptly. Use tools or plugins that can detect and report broken links, ensuring a seamless user experience. Set up custom error pages to handle 404 errors and guide visitors to relevant content.

mobile responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices, CreativeTones will ensure your website is mobile-friendly. CreativeTones will regularly test your website’s responsiveness across different devices and screen sizes. Make necessary adjustments to optimise the mobile experience.


CreativeTones holds no responsibility if your email addresses are targeted with spam as it is outside of our control CreativeTones holds no responsibility if the Client’s email account details are attained and used to send spam or malicious material.


CreativeTones respects copyright. If you supply copyrighted content without permission, the owner has the right to take legal action against you, with possible infringement. It’s important to not supply any unauthorised copyrighted material to CreativeTones for any of your content.

CreativeTones accepts no responsibility for any copyrighted content on your website.


CreativeTones respects confidentiality and will address the handling of confidential information exchanged during the maintenance process. CreativeTones will include provisions to protect sensitive data and will always endeavour to maintain absolute confidentiality.

search engine optimisation (SEO) & search engine listings

CreativeTones can help with your SEO needs although does not directly work with your SEO apart from installation and sending your details to Google on site completion (new websites). CreativeTones can connect you with our SEO specialist who can help and assist with your websites SEO.

CreativeTones takes no responsibility for your Google rankings and other analytics concerning SEO.

data responsibility

With website hosting, depending on your choice, there is often limited data and sometime hosting plans are very cheaper due to shared hosting plans which may mean limited data.

websites on shared servers

Cheaper hosting such as linux shared hosting means that your website is located on shared server that shares its space with many websites across the world. This may mean limited service time and in some cases downtime of your website. Whilst CreativeTones doesn’t want to see you website down it however cannot be responsible for this outage.

If the client finds this to be an an ongoing issue please contact CreativeTones to discuss upgrading you to a more suitable plan.

hacked or broken websites

Whilst CreativeTones will endeavour to fully protect your website, it however is not responsible for any site that is “hacked” or maliciously attacked in any form. The company cannot be blamed or made to pay for any money lost from any downtime to the client’s website relating to a hack or malicious malware.

CreativeTones will endeavour to get your website cleaned and running as soon as possible.