meet the creativetones team

We believe graphic design is all about bringing bright ideas to life. . . . visually!

Whether that’s creating signage to make your business known, designing professional business stationery or visually communicating your brand’s story, value and products to your customers, CreativeTones wants to help you stand out from the crowd.

who is at the helm?

CreativeTones is led by graphic design specialist, Tony Howard, who chases the sun between Fremantle and Exmouth. After being based in the north-west of Western Australia for over 20 years, he has extensive knowledge of the pristine Ningaloo region and is a keen photographer, diver and ocean lover.

He uses his in-depth knowledge of the surrounding environment to inspire his work for businesses of all sizes, from Exmouth to Perth and across Western Australia. Just like the angler fish (featured in his logo) uses a light to attract other sea creatures, CreativeTones uses bright ideas to bring your business into the light.

For most of his life, he has been into all things creative. He has a keen eye for urban and graffiti art which led to an early career in signwriting. However, he soon moved into the digital world of sign design and emerged as a highly capable graphic designer.

With his previous industry experiences shaping his creative design skills, Tony has developed his own unique style of logo and branding. He offers a comprehensive range of services from branding, print and digital visuals, graphics, and design concepts to web design.

Tony works closely with a trusted network of marketing and design professionals to offer complementary marketing services to his range of graphic design services.


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