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CreativeTones is an innovative and hands-on southwest based design and website company, headed by Tony Howard and supported by an intimate specialist team with 40+ collectively years experience in design, website, project management and marketing.

We are delighted for the opportunity to present our services and solution for your website project for Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust.

We pride ourselves on delivering personable, old fashioned service whilst delivering your project on time, on budget and meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your desired outcome. As we are a small, hands-on specialist team you will always be directly dealing with us in real time – and if there are any concerns we are available to you to hear them and work out a solution.

As a side note, Tony has a great personal interest in conservation, having worked in the environmental industry at Parks and Wildlife for 9 years and personally has been a conservationist for over 20 years and believes he can provide a unique and in-depth understanding of GVDBT needs as well as the Trust members who will be accessing the website.

project assessment

Key Objectives

At CreativeTones, we understand your brand is the central point for your business and your website is the most important point of communication and contact for your intended audience.

Our aim is to deliver a website that encompasses four key pillars;

1. Visual Appeal

Represent your brand and the ethos of GVDBT and create a professional and aesthetically pleasing website

2. User Experience

A streamlined and intuitive user experience, which provides the right information in a visually appealing manner in a site is user friendly and easy to navigate

3. Technical

Has a robust operating system and professional set up which is safe, fast and secure and allows for GVDBT to self manage and update

4. Problem Solving & Innovation

Addresses current site issues and implements areas of improvement

Current Site

To create an robust website, we gain an in-depth understanding of current site, challenges and vision, so we can take your site from point A to point B

Based on initial discussions summary of the key points

  • Built on WordPress on a free theme which is no longer performing and has not been kept updated
  • Site had technical issues with functionality not working on many elements including;

    – Social media links not working/not relevant to the Trust
    – Photo gallery functionality doesn’t scroll and can be improved etc.

  • Great potential for to be more user friendly and intuitive e.g. streamline menus and create informational hierarchy and present content in a modern and easy to digest way
  • Outdated information on the site
  • Current hosting is with GoDaddy
  • Visual issues e.g. top menu is over two lines and has errors covering the logo at times

A full current assessment of the site will be developed in the project management Stage 1 in consultation with key stakeholders from GVDBT.

Key Requirements

After our initial meeting here are a list of the requirements for the rebuild of your website:

  • Build a new WordPress mobile modern responsive site aligned with brand and centred on user experience
  • Maintain current hosting with GoDaddy foreseeable future (CreativeTones can provide hosting and domain services)
  • The website to continue to have fire scare mapping
  • Provide Training in the backend use of WP to be provided in person or on Zoom (client choice) to GVDBT website project manager
  • Provide across the board improvement and innovation for the site

During Stage 1 project planning an in depth project plan and requirements will be mapped out and documented alongside the project lead from GVDBT website project person.

website creation & delivery

We manage, build, design and deliver you a modern, modular website on WordPress with all the capabilities you need

  • Specialist personable team
  • Project Management
  • Open door communication
  • Impactful branding
  • WordPress CMS
  • Training & Support
  • Personal knowledge of Conservation and target audience
  • Website Maintenance; SEO (optional)

We build you a responsive website ready for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

  • A smart, clean looking website interface with brand elements
  • Links throughout including social media and contacts (email, phone)
  • Smart intuitive image gallery
  • Contact form which GVDBT website project manager will receive online enquiries

project flow

Stage 1 Project Plan

  • Initial briefing meeting to map out project including key specifications and visual needs
  • Provide Project Brief and Plan including agreed timelines and responsibilities

Stage 2 Concept and Content Development

  • Gather of all branding elements, photography and content
  • Use wireframes to map content for each page (completed by GVDBT website project manager can enter the required content)
  • Setup a staging site so as the original site can still be working as it is until ready to launch the new website
  • Create a new theme for the design of website and offer concepts to GVDBT website project manager
  • Copywriting/editing (optional extra)

Stage 3 Build website

  • Build website and liaise with GVDBT website project manager
  • SEO (optional)

Stage 4 Testing and Approval

  • Hand over staging site for review and testing
  • Update any final edits and changes

Stage 5 Site Live

  • Including handover meeting
  • Two hours of in-house training for GVDBT website project manager (more can be provided on top of initial quote if required)
  • Two week check in meetings
  • Monitor and maintain website for 1 month
  • Ongoing maintenance (optional and highly recommended)

Project Timeline

Website will be delivered within an agreed time requested by GVDBT.

*Project delivery is also dependent on both parties meeting agreed deadlines and prompt communications.


service costs
Initial meeting Nil
Project Management $1500.00
Web design $1200.00
Website development $6900.00
Content Application $1200.00
Plugin & theme fees $180.00
Training $240.00
Total $11,220.00*

* No GST to be charged


Website Maintenance (Highly Recommended)

Making a website that looks great and functions well is important for any industry, but that’s only half the battle—the upkeep is just as crucial. Your website maintenance ensures that your business’ online presence continues to evolve and succeed over time. This also establishes that anyone who interacts with your site will always have the best user experience.

Website maintenance is the practice of monitoring your website’s overall health and performance. Keeping a website up-to-date is crucial to ensuring it’s working at full capacity, engaging and retaining site visitors.

CreativeTones Website Maintenance Service includes 12 months of;

  • Security updates to protect your website from ever-evolving security risks and ensure maximum uptime on your site
  • User experience improvements to ensure your website elements and traffic flow works best and provides a positive customer experience
  • Website backups to keep all your information safe
  • Regular plugin and theme updates to keep your site functioning, easy to navigate, looking good and ranking effectively on search engines
  • Minor edit of one photo addition/change and/or one simple content edit per month (max 12 per year)*

Annually @$750.00 per year

*Client priority on any additional site edits outside of standard Website Maintenance scope (for which a quick quote can be provided)

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO practitioners optimise websites, web pages and content for the purposes of ranking higher in search engines, like Google. SEO is a set of practices designed to improve the appearance, positioning, and usefulness of multiple types of content in the organic search results. This content can include web pages, video media, images, local business listings, and other assets.

SEO package which would include professional plugin costing. 10 hours of SEO cleanup through the whole content and necessary plugin.


Copywriting / Content Editing

We can provide detailed copy writing or proofing of existing wording at client request.

  • $125/hour copywriting
  • $75/hour editing, proofing and cleanup

from $75.00/hour

contract & deposit

Please pay invoice of 50% of the project (with the final 50% due on project completion) and sign agreement document for the rebuild of

There is a link to pay via credit card or alternatively please pay via bank transfer, details within invoice emailed.

other information

Sourcing and Creation of Visual Content

Stock photos are not included in the quote and will be charged to the client. Any design elements outside of the scope of the website will be entered into in a separate project and agreement.

Additional Project Management

Any additional project management will be charged at $125/hour


  • No GST will be charged
  • Before commencement a part payment of 50% its required to begin
  • An agreement with acknowledgement of full terms and conditions to be completed
  • Any ending of agreement will mean loss of deposit
  • The quote is as documented and any and all additional services will be added as a separate invoice (if required as project moves forward)
  • Any additional plugins or mapping licence (for fire scare mapping) will be paid for by the client

Briefing Questions

These questions will be used as a roadmap for our meeting, please fill these in to the best of your ability or prepare with notes – we will also go through these in depth when we meet face to face.

These questions are designed so we utilise our time effectively and can leave the meeting with a clear plan and direction. Please do not stress if you don’t know them all as the meeting will assist.

During the meeting we will also go through the current website page by page for a in-depth review of content and identity the core issues/changes, and Map out the site map for the project (the site map is the page by page layout and hierarchy)

We will also discuss technical requirements and have an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

The questions will cover our four core values;

  1. Visual Appeal
  2. User Experience
  3. Technical
  4. Problem Solving & Innovation

The outcome of this meeting

  • All questions answered
  • A clear understanding of the visual and “feel” of the website
  • A list of issues with the current site and proposed solutions
  • An understanding of victors to the site and purpose of the site
  • An understanding of technical requirements
  • Any concerns/questions from client addressed

Some of the key requirements that have already been established;

  • Built on WordPress on a free theme which is no longer performing and has not been kept updated
  • Site had technical issues with functionality not working on many elements including;
  • Social media links not working/not relevant to the Trust
  • Photo gallery functionality doesn’t scroll and can be improved etc.
  • Great potential for to be more user friendly and intuitive e.g. streamline menus and create informational hierarchy and present content in a modern and easy to digest way
  • Outdated information on the site
  • Current hosting is with GoDaddy – New hosting to be discussed

Post the meeting

  • A project plan will be developed with timelines and deliverables
  • Move onto Stage 2

Project Briefing Questions


Visual Appeal

User Experience



Ready to submit?

We ask can this be completed as much as possible within 24 hours before the meeting, at a minimum, so we have time to review prior to meeting and utilise our meeting time effectively? *

thank you

CreativeTones would like to thank GVDBT for this opportunity to your website rebuild and we look forward to working closely with you on this project and seeing this through to its official launch.